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How do I make sure my financial data is correct?

​​So you started a nonprofit to help change the world.  You finally found your passion.  But you didn't count on all this pesky accounting nonsense taking up so much of your time.  And how do you make sure that what you are presenting is correct?  How do you make sure that the financial picture you are presenting to your board, donors, etc. shows everything it should (and nothing it shouldn't)?

​Or maybe your books started out small but now after 3 treasurers and 2 bookkeepers, you have 200 accounts and 20 different classes!  

From starting a set of books for a new nonprofit to cleaning up a set of books that has gotten unwieldy, we can help. We can provide assistance with the day to day bookkeeping, help with board reporting, preparation for an audit, or any other accounting matter.  

We can also help with things like making sure the organization's policies and procedures are up to date, special projects, or anything that requires accounting data.